Add Additional Mac Mail Account

This instruction set will walk you through adding a email account in Mac Mail. The images here may be slightly different than those you have in your version of Mac Mail but the settings are the same for all versions.

If this is the first time using Mac Mail on this computer click here.
If you already have your account in Mac Mail and just want to check the settings, click here.

If you are already using Mac Mail, and just want to add another e-mail account, continue on this page.

Open Mac Mail. The Icon looks like a postage stamp


Once you've opened Mail, click on the menu labeled "Mail", and select "Preferences".



The Mac Mail preferences window will appear.
Click the + button (lower left of the window).


The Welcome to Mail dialog box will appear.


In the Full Name field, type your name.

In the E-mail Address field, type your full e-mail address.

In the Incoming mail server field, type in

Click the arrow box on the Account Type pop-up list and choose POP.

In the User Name field, type your username. This is the part of the e-mail address before the @ sign.

In the Password field, type your ZiaNet password.

In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field, type in

Click OK.

At this point, Mail will attempt to contact the mail server.
If it is not successful, click "Continue" on the warning message.


Click No.

Congratulations, your Mac Mail is ready to send and receive e-mail for the new account

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