These pages explain DSL, Wireless, and ISDN services. The connection part of these services are delivered by your local phone company or by an independent provider of communications services. The Internet services are provided by ZiaNet. The type of service you may order depends on what services are offered where you live, and by the distance of your home or office from the facility of the connection provider.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Loop) is a high-speed Network connection for computers. A telephone company, or an affiliated carrier, provides this connection to your home or business. ZiaNet is an Internet or bandwidth provider for these services.

The services available, and the costs, depend on where your home or business is located. DSL is a telephone line service subject to distance limitations. Your distance from the DSL connection provider will affect the speed of service you may order, and may prevent you from ordering service. All DSL connection providers are working to expand the area of coverage for these services.

Ordering your DSL service through ZiaNet offers several important advantages. In most cases ZiaNet offers services that other providers do not. Our bandwidth and service charges are similar to the standard Dial-up monthly rate. ZiaNet offers excellent technical support to assist you with nearly any problems or questions you may encounter. When you order DSL services through ZiaNet, we will ask you simple questions to determine what you needs are; we will make sure that you order an available service that best suits your needs. We will make sure that you understand your options, and what they will cost.

Most residential and small business customers will be satisfied with the 256K service. We have customers running travel agencies, law offices, public service agencies, and insurance offices using a 256K DSL connection to network up to 16 computers. This bandwidth is more than adequate for normal Internet use.

DSL connection speeds range from 128Kb to 4Mb. These services are very economical. To find out what services may be available to you click on the community where you live.

Wireless service may be available in your area. Currently, ZiaNet offers Wireless services in Las Cruces and surrounding area only. These services are point-to-point low power radio interfaces using 802.11b. These are not roaming access services. An antennae mounted on the customer's building connects to the base radio. There must be a line-of-site path from the customer's building to the base station. The distance cannot exceed 7 miles.

ISDN (Integrated Digital Services Network) is also a telephone line service. ISDN is the "last-choice" access service because of cost and limited speed. Distance limitations of this service are less severe than those for DSL, but the speed is limited to 128K. ISDN is expensive to install and relatively expensive to operate, however it is an instantaneous connection with guaranteed bandwidth.

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