Dial-Up Service

Our standard Dial-Up account allows you to connect to the internet with a local phone number. The service is $20+tax per month, flat rate, unmeasured access. We don't say "unlimited" since we do want you to log off if you go eat dinner, go to work, go to class, etc.

Monthly charges for the account include up to five email boxes at no extra cost. There are no contracts required for dial-up accounts. Service is billed on a month to month basis or discounted 10% if you decide to pay a year at a time. If you are not happy with the service please give us a call so we can help. If you need to cancel service you can do so during the first month or during any month.

We support modems from 14.4Kb through 56Kb. Our technical support folks are knowledgeable about Windows and MacIntosh, systems. They will also assist with Linux, Sega Dreamcast, and any other systems that support PPP connections. Technical support is available via a local phone call from 8:00am until 9:00pm Monday through Saturday.

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